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Sam Dental has always been proud of our affordable dental service. You will find that compared to the prices of dentists in the US, you can expect to save nearly 70% of the cost of dental treatments, by our dentists in Tijuana, Mexico. As proof, take a look at our price list with each service compared to U.S. charges:

Quality dentistry at affordable prices!

  • Treatment Price List
  • Root Canal TherapyRoot Canal Therapy
  • Dental Implant PlacementDental Implant Placement
  • Standard Finish Porcelain CrownStandard Finish Porcelain Crown
  • Immediate Acrylic DentureImmediate Acrylic Denture
  • E. Max VeneersE. Max Veneers
  • Regular CleaningRegular Cleaning
  • White Composite Filling One SurfaceWhite Composite Filling One Surface
  • Exam and EvaluationExam and Evaluation
  • Tijuana
  • Root Canal Therapy$265 - $295
  • Dental Implant Placement$795
  • Standard Finish Porcelain Crown$270
  • Immediate Acrylic Denture$385
  • E. Max Veneers$395
  • Regular Cleaning$49
  • White Composite Filling One Surface$65 - $85
  • Exam and Evaluation$20
  • USA
  • Root Canal Therapy$850 - $1,250
  • Dental Implant Placement$2,250
  • Standard Finish Porcelain Crown$750
  • Immediate Acrylic Denture$825
  • E. Max Veneers$1,150
  • Regular Cleaning$150
  • White Composite Filling One Surface$190
  • Exam and Evaluation$120

Our clinic accepts different payment options depending on your preference. These include:

  • Pay cash and ask for a 5% discount
  • Major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa
  • Bank money order
  • PayPal

If you pay in cash, you can immediately enjoy 5% discount of all our dental services. At the first floor of our building is a BANAMEX, which has an ATM.

Our clinic also honors dental insurance plans such as MetLife, Cigna, Aetna, and Delta Dental. Almost any US dental insurance that is a P.P.O. plan will cover your treatments, (within the parameters of your plan), in Mexico. However, the majority will not pay the clinic directly, but rather prefer to reimburse the patient directly. We can help you fill out the claim form, so you can submit a claim and get the money reimbursed back to you.

We are very upfront with our charges, which means what we quote you is what you pay. Moreover, since we don’t allow unnecessary expenses, we charge our clients in completion stages, especially with regard to dental implants and root canal therapy. However, we may request an advanced deposit of half the price for any service that requires lab work, to cover for the initial cost.

Why choose Sam Dental!

High Degree of Professionalism

We treat each client with utmost respect, courtesy, professionalism, honesty, and confidentiality. We are very transparent with our procedures, even during consultations, and upfront with our charges. We make sure that you’re 100% aware of the process, you know how much to pay for, and set your expectations correctly. Our customer service staff is always available to answer your questions or address issues. We’re easy to reach through phone or e-mail.



One of our greatest selling points is our affordability. Most of the U.S. patients come here to enjoy huge savings for dental work. Our prices are usually 70% to 80% LOWER than those of most key cities in the United States. That’s why Dental Tourism in Mexico makes so much sense. Here in Tijuana, are rates are extremely competitive. Hence, even if you need to fly or travel here and spend for accommodation and fare, you can still get the most out of your treatment and money. We can also assist you when it comes to board and lodging and travel. Let us know what you need and we’ll try our best to help you out. We also guarantee our dental work. We can repair issues at no extra cost.



Tijuana, Mexico, sits close to San Diego, California, which means we are so accessible to U.S. patients. You will also find flying here to be considerably cheaper and quicker than going to the East Coast. A lot of our patients can cross the border over the weekend or even overnight, especially when dental work is only minimal. If you need help in crossing the border or with your passport, let us know and we may be able to assist you.

There’s no need to travel far at all. Although you’re always free to go to other countries for dental treatment, that would already be impractical when you already have a good choice with Sam Dental. The savings of time and travel expenses, including accommodation, are some of the benefits of choosing a Dentist in Mexico.


High-Quality Care

Sam Dental doesn’t believe in compromising quality over price. Our clinic is run and managed by board-certified professionals, from our dentists to implantologists and endodontists. Many of them are considered to be the top-rated dental care professionals in the country, and they are extensively trained with U.S. patients.



We are extremely confident of what we do that all our Mexico dental servicesare covered with a guarantee. This means that if there are any defects with the materials or other issues, we can fix them here, at no additional cost for the client.

Add-on Support

We provide our clients beyond dental work. We make sure that when you are in Tijuana, especially in our Mexico Dental Clinic, you’re relaxed, worry-free, and happy. Thus, we assist you in many other different things such as transport, accommodation, fast pass, passport, and other documents. Let us know what you need beforehand, and we’ll try our best to meet it.

Our Happy Patients

Our Procedures

Sam Dental invests on three important things: dental care professionals, top-of-the-line equipment, and comprehensive dental facility. With these factors, we’re the top Dentists in Mexico, able to provide only the best procedures to our clients:

Root Canals

Root canals are a highly specialized procedure. It should not be handled by anyone who doesn’t have the proper certification. Sam Dental delegates root canal procedures only to professionals who are licensed endodontists. You get high-quality care for root canal at a very affordable price.


Sam Dental has expertise in wide variety of crowns such as standard, veneer, and porcelain. Your dentist can advise you on the most ideal crowns to use for your teeth. If you have existing crowns, we can take care of them for you, cleaning and lengthening them. This way, you spend even less.

Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico

Our dental implants are handled by one of the best implantologists in the country. Depending on what you need or prefer, we can offer different types of dentures, including abutments. This service is also around a third less than what’s charged by U.S. clinics.


Sam Dental offers excellent and thorough evaluation and consultation. It may be provided prior, during, and after any procedure. We also have clients who drop by here for assessment only. Usually they schedule it together with their Mexican holiday. Our expert dentists and specialists will be the one to handle this service. The cost? Zero. You’ve read it correctly: we don’t charge you for consultations and exams.

Whitening & Cleaning

Cleaning is one of your basic defenses against oral care issues, and we give it at a fraction of a cost than our U.S. counterparts. Moreover, we extend our cleaning services to include whitening using white composites as fillings so the teeth don’t just appear white—they’re flawless.


It may not be the most pleasant dental experience, but we at Sam Dental can make extractions as breezy as possible for you. We try our best to minimize the pain and complete it at the earliest time. We have our anesthesiologist, dentist, and assistant with you so you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Sam Dental can give you the right denture for your needs and budget. We can perform both partial and full dentures.


Dental Tourism in Mexico is your best option, because dentists in Tijuana are the best!

For the last 30 years, there has been an ever increasing flow of US dental patients heading south of the border for dental tourism. In fact, Mexico has become the top destination for dental tourism in the world. For dental tourism in Mexico, the most visited city, bar none, is Tijuana. Dentists in Tijuana have gained a great reputation for being the best dentists in Mexico. This is because of several factors. First, because of the close proximity and easy access for the 25 million inhabitants of southern California, it just makes sense to make dentists in Tijuana their first choice for dental tourism. The huge flow of dental tourism patients has drawn some of the best dentists in Mexico to establish their dental practices in Tijuana. Another effect is, there is such a high demand for dentists in Tijuana, one of the top dental universities in Mexico, UABC, was established in Tijuana to offer top quality training for Tijuana dentists. Also, the tourism industry in general, including top quality hotels, and great restaurants has become highly evolved. In other words, all the factors needed to create a culture conducive to dental tourism are in place in Tijuana, Mexico. This has drawn even more people, not just from southern California, but from all over the US, and Canada, to Tijuana for dental tourism in Mexico. Today, Tijuana is certainly the top destination in Mexico for dental tourism, and in fact is the top destination in the world for dental tourism patients.

But Wait . . . Is It Safe to Be in Tijuana?

“Is it safe there?” That’s one of the most common questions U.S. patients ask, and our answer has never changed for the last 5 years we’ve been in business: yes.

The apprehension and anxiety are perfectly understandable. You’ve seen it on CNN, read it in New York Times, or heard horror stories from friends and acquaintances. We are also aware that some parts of Mexico are dangerous for both local and foreign travelers, although they may not be as serious as the media wants to portray them to be.

Tijuana, however, isn’t one of these areas. We have one of the most stable and peaceful governments in the country—even quieter and orderly than other key cities in the United States. Although it’s never a good idea to be out alone at night regardless of where you are, we are confident that as long as you remain a conscious tourist, you’ll be fine here. Hundreds of our U.S. patients can already attest to that.

Moreover, we are here to make sure you’ll have the best and grand time while in Tijuana. We can have one of our staff pick you up from the border and drive you to your accommodation or the clinic. We can offer you plenty of great tips to enjoy your stay while in the city. If you need to get back to the United States quickly, we can work on your fast pass, which means you’ll be driving on the medical lane. That shortens your queue to only 20 minutes.

To know more about how safe you are here, you can visit this page: http://howsafeismexico.com/


“I used to have some dental work done in the United States for many years until I encountered certain problems recently. Six of the teeth at the bottom were already ground down toward my dentin and my upper front teeth had moved to the soft spots and spaces. My veneers, which I had been wearing for over 20 years, were already showing signs of wear and tear, being chipped and cracked. So I went to a clinic in the United States and was utterly disappointed to be asked to pay close to a thousand dollars for the veneers, and that’s for every tooth. They can’t also do anything with my upper front teeth and would only deal with the bottom; else, I want to have problems with my bite later on. Well, I can do that, but I have spend more since they will be working on my molars too.

I thought that’s a lot of money, so I made some research until I eventually found Sam Dental. I was extremely happy to know that some supposed repairs were not needed anymore, especially around the crowns of my bottom teeth. The new ones will be of the same size as the teeth that I had, but they will no longer be ground down. Specialists worked on my veneers on my upper teeth, and I got to choose the one that I truly wanted. In the end, I had the most special smile in years.

To add to that, I enjoyed my down time in Tijuana. I loved the beaches, food, and people. The clinic’s staff were also helpful, courteous, and professional. To me, Sam Dental has given me my money’s worth and even more. Couldn’t be happier!”

—Judy P, St. George, UT

“I had some problems with my teeth and had them checked with a dental clinic here in the States. I was so surprised when I was told I had to pay $6,500. That’s too much. So even if I wanted to have them fixed as soon as possible, I took the leap of faith and look elsewhere. Through some online research, I found out about Sam Dental in Tijuana. I first called their office for initial consultation, and they quoted me only $1,000. That meant savings of over $5,000! I didn’t think twice of bringing my business there.

On the day of my dental schedule, I drove near the border, left my car, crossed to Mexico, and had one of their staff pick me up. After a couple of hours, they brought me back again to the border. I crossed to the American side, got back in my car, and drove home. It was that simple and easy, and I got to save a lot of money.

I definitely recommend Sam Dental for those who want to take advantage of huge savings and quality dental work.”


“I am one of the staff of Sam Dental. For the past 5 years that we have been operating, we have seen a lot of patients—over 5,000 of them now—and we are extremely happy to see them very satisfied with the results. These are people who now enjoy a newfound confidence within themselves. Ever since we started offering discount options to our clients, our number just swelled, as they referred their friends and family members to us.

I am proud of our excellent team. Most of our dental care professionals and specialists are young, but they are very competent with more years of experience that several of their counterparts in the United States. We have licensed and board-certified specialists who are assigned to specific duties. For example, we have 2 endodontists who handle root canal therapy. We also have an implantologist and an oral surgeon. Since we work with various clients on a daily basis, they are exposed to different problem areas and situations. We have also chosen one of the best labs in the country that also view us as their best client. We took extra care in our lab work, preparation, and patient evaluations. That’s why they love how we work. This level of trust and commendation also help us give great guarantee to all our patients.”

—Sam Dental Management