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We can help our patients find the best accommodations right here in Tijuana. These lodgings can help make your stay in the city more enjoyable and memorable:

Beach Side Bed & Care

Beach Side Bed & Care is an option for those that would like to make a vacation of their dental visit to our clinic. This is a “Bed & Breakfast” type of lodging in a very nice private home, located by the beach near Rosarito. There is a community pool, and tennis courts nearby. By clicking on their link, you can see photos of their facilities, as well as a price list. The regular prices include food and lodging, but nightly lodging alone is available for $80 for one adult, or $120 for a couple. We can provide transportation to and from the dental clinic in Tijuana. Please let our patient coordinator know if you would like to stay here, so we can make the arrangements for your transportation.

Hotel Hacienda del Rio

The nice affordable hotel is only four blocks away from our clinic. Its starting rate is less than $70, including tax. The room can already have an Internet connection. You may call them at (01152) 664-684-8644, or if you want to take advantage of a special rate, do let us know so we can make an advanced reservation.

City Express Hotel

Around three blocks away is one of the most recent accommodation options in the city. City Express Hotel has the modern amenities you could be looking for, and it provides great security to all its guests, which extends all the way to its parking section. A typical night can cost around $68 including tax. You may call them at 01152 664-635-1090.

Real del Rio Hotel

If you want one of the most accessible hotels within the area, then we highly recommend Real del Rio Hotel. This is less than a block away from the clinic, so you can immediately retire and relax after every treatment or schedule. Although it doesn’t have a swimming pool, it offers other good facilities such as a budget-friendly on-site restaurant and WiFi. A night costs less than $70 with tax.

Hotel Lucerna

Hotel Lucerna is one of our most favorite hotels in Tijuana. It’s beautiful, clean, spacious, and beautifully designed, especially in its interiors. Among the accommodations close to the clinic, this offers a lot more to the guests. It has two restaurants, an outdoor pool, and a gym. It is also within the heart of Zona, which is like an entertainment and social district of the city, so you can experience the metro particularly at night. Its standard rate if $145 per night, but if you’re a Sam Dental client, we can arrange a discounted rate of $85, which already covers for a 2-person room with a king-sized bed.

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel in Tijuana has already become synonymous to luxurious. The 5-star hotel sits right next to a vast golf course. Located close to downtown, the hotel provides a comfortable ride toward the clinic and back to your accommodation. We are also lucky to partner with them. Our clients can now enjoy a stay there for only $75 per night, which is equivalent to a standard room that’s good for two.

La Villa de Zaragoza Hotel

Since we’ve moved to our new office, this hotel is no longer within walking distance, but our van can get you back and forth. It is worth the price at $52, especially if you want to sample authentic Mexican food—it’s basically surrounded by a lot of restaurants, and the hotel itself has one. If you want a special rate of 10% off their regular room price, just inform them that you’re a patient of Sam Dental. For reservation, call them at 01152 664 685 1832.

Aragon Hotel

This is one of the cheapest hotels you’ll find in the area since it costs less than $20. Nevertheless, it has no-frills but well-maintained rooms, and it’s located close to downtown, so everything else is almost accessible. If you wish too, we can arrange a special van that can take you from and to the hotel.

Travelodge Hotel

We also have some good hotel recommendations even if you don’t want to cross the border. These include Travel Lodge Hotel, which is located in San Ysidro, California. It’s a decent hotel that costs around $53 per night. From the hotel, you can just ride a bus that takes you to the border crossing, where we can pick you up. If you need more information, dial 619 690 9114 and ask the front desk. They can help you with information about getting to the border.

Best Western Americana Inn

Also located in San Ysidro in California, it is a good alternative to the Travel Lodge Hotel. It’s more expensive at $69.95 per night, but if you add $10 for each night of your stay, you can already take advantage of the hotel’s shuttle van ride to and from our clinic. Call 619 428 5521 for reservations.

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